Concurrent Engineering and Original design Manufacturing with Polaris International.


Polaris International is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and supplier of precision machined brass and stainless steel components. We at Polaris International not only just manufacture and supply cost effective superior quality brass components for our clients. But Polaris International is client’s constant companion in getting rightly designed, customized, compliant and cost effective brass components solutions.

Benefits with Concurrent and Original Design Manufacturing.

👉We have a team of supremely talented machinist and engineers who provide precision machined components designs which best suits client requirements.

👉Our passionate team of engineers helps our client in finding right and cost effective precision machined components design in brass and stainless steel.

👉Not only that we also develop original design for precision machined brass and stainless steel based on clients product application.

👉We stay with our client in all concurrent product development stages. Our experienced team of machinist and engineers assist our client from inception of an idea to getting final finished product manufactured.

👉Inventory requirement and Projections can be easily managed. 

Polaris international has got satisfied clients in India, USA and Europe. And we are gradually increasing our footprints across the globe. We serve wide range of industries such as Automation and sensors, Automotive Plastic Moulding, Plastic Injection Moulding, Measurement and Instrumentation, HVAC, Electrical and Electronics, Tele Communications and cables, Pipes and Fittings etc.

With fifteen years hands on experience in precision machined brass and stainless steel components OEM and applications based manufacturing. Polaris International has got it all to become your reliable and most trust worthy supplier.

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