Serving Sensors Industry with our machining and engineering capabilities at Polaris International.


Industrial Revolution 4.0 is driving and steering automation at an unprecedented pace and scale like never before. Metrology, Instrumentation and control of products and processing industries demands ultra-precision. Modern day products and processing industries use sensors and transducers of various many kinds according to the use such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, proximity sensors to name a few. They find applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Metrology, Instrumentation and Control, Medical, Building Automation, HVAC Industries and many different such industries.

Backed with group of experienced and dynamic professionals, we at Polaris have quest of serving Automation and sensors industries with our machining and engineering abilities. At Present We at Polaris International are OEM Supplier of some of leading sensor industries across the globe. We manufacture and supply Precision machined sensor components such as Thermowells and Sensor Housings based on clients application requirements. 

Because Sensors Industries demands a high level of accuracy and Precision, Manufacturing precision machined brass and stainless steel metal components requires cutting edge machining abilities. At Polaris we proudly have that. Our team is skilled and handy to manufacture and supply such customized machined sensor components.

We work in widely accepted industry standards such as DIN, JIS, EN, ISO, and ASTM. We have capabilities to work in Free Cutting Brass, Eco Brass- Lead Free Brass, and Stainless Steel.

And one more thing…We are cost effective as well.

Polaris International: Your Just in Time OEM Brass Components Supplier.

At Polaris International we offer lean manufacturing solutions in precision machined components. Being an OEM supplier of brass components in automotive, electrical and electronics industries, our team at Polaris always strive to find perfect sync with clients regarding their inventory. Just in Time manufacturing helps us to reduce client’s inventory costs.

With Polaris as your company's Products OEM precision machined components supplier you have following advantages.

  • Clients get their parts at very right time .Neither in much advance nor late, resulting in fine-tuning inventory and future requirement projections.
  • Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company we have quality excellence and team striving to produce superior quality components.
  • Our clients get utmost customization and compliance as per their parts material and inventory needs.


With Polaris find a Compliant Precision Machined Brass Components manufacturer this Diwali!

At Polaris we offer customized brass components solution for your company's outstanding products design and engineering requirements. 

Your company might want to have more customization for the precision machined components to meet your products sleek design and engineering requirements. Not many in the industry offers brass components compliance as we at Polaris International do. 

Because Passion for Precision Machining is at the Centre of all our business endeavors. This Diwali lets associate to brighten up our business together. 

See the range of precision machined  brass components we manufacture at Polaris International. 

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Polaris International: For all your Brass Molding and Threaded Insert Needs!

Dear Plastic Molders,

If your company is in the business of Plastic Injection Molding and want to have a reliable brass inserts supplier. You are scrolling at the right place!  

We at Polaris International manufacture and supply wide range of brass molding inserts with different specifications and sizes. Our Molding inserts are cost effective and our quality is best as per any industry standards. With an edge in machining abilities and infrastructure we can manufacture brass molding inserts in high volumes in a stipulated time for our clients. We supply all types inserts such as Brass PPR U PVC/C PVC Inserts, Brass Threaded inserts, Brass Epoxy Inserts.

Overall Details of Molding inserts we manufacture.

Materials: Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) Or BS 249 Type (I) High Grade Free Cutting Brass.

Types: Round Knurled Inserts, Hexagonal Knurled Inserts, Square Inserts.

Knurling Types: Diamond, Straight, Unidirectional

Standards: DIN, JIS, EN, ISO, ASTM & Other International Standards.

Features: Easy Installation, High Mechanical Strength, High Temperature resistance, High Impact Resistance, Corrosion resistant, Precession Machined and Dimensionally accurate, Flawless Finish, Interchangeability and assembly friendly.

Applications: Plastic Industries, Automobiles Industries, Electronics and electrical Industries.

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Serving Sensors Industry with our machining and engineering capabilities at Polaris International.

  Industrial Revolution 4.0 is driving and steering automation at an unprecedented pace and scale like never before. Metrology, Instrumenta...