With Polaris find a Compliant Precision Machined Brass Components manufacturer.

At Polaris we offer customized brass components solution for your company's outstanding products design and engineering requirements. 

Your company might want to have more customization for the precision machined components to meet your products sleek design and engineering requirements. Not many in the industry offers brass components compliance as we at Polaris International do. 

Because Passion for Precision Machining is at the Centre of all our business endeavors. Lets associate to grow our business together. 

See the range of precision machined  brass components we manufacture at Polaris International. 

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Polaris International: For all your Brass Molding and Threaded Insert Needs!

Dear Plastic Molders,

If your company is in the business of Plastic Injection Molding and want to have a reliable brass inserts supplier. You are scrolling at the right place!  

We at Polaris International manufacture and supply wide range of brass molding inserts with different specifications and sizes. Our Molding inserts are cost effective and our quality is best as per any industry standards. With an edge in machining abilities and infrastructure we can manufacture brass molding inserts in high volumes in a stipulated time for our clients. We supply all types inserts such as Brass PPR U PVC/C PVC Inserts, Brass Threaded inserts, Brass Epoxy Inserts.

Overall Details of Molding inserts we manufacture.

Materials: Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) Or BS 249 Type (I) High Grade Free Cutting Brass.

Types: Round Knurled Inserts, Hexagonal Knurled Inserts, Square Inserts.

Knurling Types: Diamond, Straight, Unidirectional

Standards: DIN, JIS, EN, ISO, ASTM & Other International Standards.

Features: Easy Installation, High Mechanical Strength, High Temperature resistance, High Impact Resistance, Corrosion resistant, Precession Machined and Dimensionally accurate, Flawless Finish, Interchangeability and assembly friendly.

Applications: Plastic Industries, Automobiles Industries, Electronics and electrical Industries.

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Diwali Greetings from Polaris International India.

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