Ultra quality checking in brass components with Optical Sorting and Sensing at Polaris International.

Modern day machining demands Superior quality of precision machined components in high production volume at ultra-speed and scale and in minimum lead time. To reduce delivery time of our parts and to speed up quality inspection of our parts that too without compromising an ounce in quality, we at Polaris International are among very few in the industries to have latest technology of Optical Sensing and sorting measurements tool of Machined Components at our disposal. 

This technology uses CCD Mono Camera of ultra-high resolution that target the dimensions and tolerances of parts to be checked and can test quality of parts very precisely within no time. This latest Quality Inspection aid in our portfolio helps us achieving quality testing checking and inspection of your high volume machined parts in very less time and at highest efficiency.

Advantages of Optical Sorting and sensing in quality checking.

  • Fully Automated with Least Human Interference in quality checking and inspection.
  • Decrease lead time for quality inspection and checking.
  • Very reliable for high volume components.
  • Feedback mechanism to improve machining of components in further production cycle.
  • Can be very useful to measure length, angles, roundness, flatness, Straightness, Parallelism, concentricity, can check threads and many other such minute quality aspects of precision machined components within stipulated time.

We at Polaris International are striving to become superior quality brass and stainless steel components manufacturer and supplier. Optical sorting and sensing for quality checking is a great aid at our disposal to achieve it.

We have satisfied clients in USA and Europe. And we are gradually increasing our footprints across the globe with supplying high quality precision machined brass and stainless steel components.  

And one more thing… We are cost effective as well. 

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