Serving Sensors Industry with our machining and engineering capabilities at Polaris International.


Industrial Revolution 4.0 is driving and steering automation at an unprecedented pace and scale like never before. Metrology, Instrumentation and control of products and processing industries demands ultra-precision. Modern day products and processing industries use sensors and transducers of various many kinds according to the use such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, proximity sensors to name a few. They find applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Metrology, Instrumentation and Control, Medical, Building Automation, HVAC Industries and many different such industries.

Backed with group of experienced and dynamic professionals, we at Polaris have quest of serving Automation and sensors industries with our machining and engineering abilities. At Present We at Polaris International are OEM Supplier of some of leading sensor industries across the globe. We manufacture and supply Precision machined sensor components such as Thermowells and Sensor Housings based on clients application requirements. 

Because Sensors Industries demands a high level of accuracy and Precision, Manufacturing precision machined brass and stainless steel metal components requires cutting edge machining abilities. At Polaris we proudly have that. Our team is skilled and handy to manufacture and supply such customized machined sensor components.

We work in widely accepted industry standards such as DIN, JIS, EN, ISO, and ASTM. We have capabilities to work in Free Cutting Brass, Eco Brass- Lead Free Brass, and Stainless Steel.

And one more thing…We are cost effective as well.

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